Friday, December 9, 2011

Kimi's 1st Day of School Digital Scrapbook Page

Finally I'm done with Kimi's 1st day of school digital scrapbook page.
and at last, after a long time, i was able to add another page to Kimi's Keepsake Album.
I must add this event to my design collection,
since it's considered as one of the very important milestone in my son's life.
Digital Scrapbook Kimi DS171 - Kimi's 1st Day of School
Another cute Digital Scrapbook Page made by KimiF1Creations.


Yanna said...

Cute naman! :)

Yanna said...

Cute naman! :)

JoyGSolano said...

Very nice!

Ane said...

Nice! :)

I've always wanted to scrapbook but I never know where to start.. :P

gie said...

aww cute :)

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