Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mall of Asia's Giant Snow Globe

Last Thursday, 22nd day of December 2011, we went to Mall of Asia to do our last minute shopping and to look for other house stuff we needed for the House Blessing. The mall was really busy and packed with lots of shoppers. Located at the center of the mall's main lobby was a Christmas Wonderland Display with a big globe where you enter and have a snow experience. It always has a long queue of people, since lots of kids are very curious about the magic of snow. 
SM Mall of Asia Giant Snow Globe
Entrance Fee is Php50.00 per head with no time limit
add Php100.00 for a shot from a professional photographer plus a printed copy of the picture
my son and the haggard mom...hahaha
we've been waiting in line for 1 1/2 hours...really time consuming...but a mom will do everything just to see a smile on her little boy's face...
cuddling my little boy...feel so excited for him...we're next at last!
Photo Shots inside the Giant Snow Globe's really cold inside with falling fine shredded ice that serve as snow.
Another fun experience with my Master Kimi and Idol Hubby.

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