Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mouth/Oral Thrush

Last week my daughter started to loss her appetite and had slight fever. We thought it was just the side effect of her current vaccine, but she became more irritable more and more each day. Then we noticed white spots on her inner cheeks. We mistakenly thought it was just ordinary excess milk spots. But when we brought my daughter to her pedia, Dr. Manalad told us that it was "Mouth/Oral Thrush". 

What is Mouth/Oral Thrush

When you little one arrived from your womb to the real world, there are a lot of sensations, sounds and sights that he or she needs to adjust to. Infants are so sensitive when it comes to their bodies, surrounding and everything that surrounds them. Oral thrush in little ones can make this delicate time difficult for you and for your baby. In addition, a fungal illness in the mouth’s lining triggered by growing yeast called as candida albicans is known as oral thrush.
When your baby have oral thrush it can be somewhat sore to have and can trigger bleeding, particularly if you try to brush the mouth or teeth of your baby or you try to rub it off. If left uncured and unchecked, this fungal illness can increase to the top of their mouth, gums, and possibly even down to their throat that can be another reason of more uneasiness.
Therefore, you need to search for ways on how to cure oral thrush in babies and also to avoid other complications with regard to this matter. Keep in mind that yeast cells are tough small creature in which without the exact approach, it can be annoying and hard to take care of oral thrush in your little one. Between waking up a night, feeding your baby, changing diapers and so many other errands to care for your baby, oral thrush can appear absolute devastating.
When you think your little one has an oral thrush, then you have to know the common signs of this condition in infants. First sign is the loss of their appetite, hard to nurse or feed your baby, have cottage-cheese, creamy like overgrowth in the mouth of your baby; he or she is more irritable or fussy than normal and having yeast diaper rash.
Who are at risk of having this kind of oral disease?
Anybody can be affected by this condition from babies to adults and those who have weak immune system. There are most possible to get infected with the yeast infection. This kind of fungal illness may be measured as a minor problem for healthy people, but for those who have a weak immune system, they are seriously compromised and it can result in much serious problems.
How to prevent and how to cure oral thrush in babies?
Oral thrush can be barred. Some ways to lessen the risk of your baby to get infected are to rinse their mouth in a daily basis or to feed them with the fresh culture yoghurt with bifidobacterium, acidophilus or lactobacillus. There are a number of medications for this condition like drops, lozenges or tablets that have yeast gel in it or nystatin. Getting rid of foods with too much sugar from their meals and going for a high fiber diet can also aid to accelerate the course of naturally treating their oral thrush.
Being able to know the following will provide you enough knowledge to prevent this from occurring to your baby. Hence, you need to be really careful with taking care of your little one since they are quite sensitive when they are in this stage of years.

He just prescribed an oral gel "Daktarin" (, 
Thank God all the spots are now gone and my daughter gain her appetite back.

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