Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Khloe's Christening Expense

A lot of moms are asking how much did we spend on my daughter's christening.
Well i just decided to blog about our detailed expense to help other mom's on planning their special event.


Reception: Red Crab, Resorts World. Php80,500+ for 110 guest excluding kids
Php700 per head
with an Eat-All-U-Can Buffet menu which includes:
Appetizer: Crab Balls
Soup: Mushroom Soup
Main Dish: Crab Maritess, Barbecued Pork Ribs with Java Rice, Chopsuey
Dessert: Fresh Fruits, Choco Cup Cakes
Crab Maritess, Crab cooked in olive oil, wine and lots of garlic
Buffet Setup
Salad and Crab Balls
"The crab balls is a must try!"
additional Lechon Cebu (Php 3,500+)
Invitation:  Made by yours truly. Costing price more or less Php1,000
Souvenir: DIY Tumbler. Php5,000 for 100pcs.

Cupcakes: Php1,500 for 40pcs. excluding the box

Tarpaulin Standee: Php500

Centerpiece Flowers: Php8,000 for 10 pcs.
made from imported real fuchsia pink roses

Family Attire: Php6,820
For Khloe:
Khloe's Church Outfit from Periwinkle (Php725)
Khloe's Reception Outfit:
Pink Onsies from Divisoria (Php 150)
Tutu Skirt from Gingersanps (Php 569)
Fisher Price Ballet shoes from SM Southmall (Php 350)
For Hubby:
Hubby's Outfit:
Onesimus White Vneck (Php1,000)
Onesimus Black Polo (Php1,199)
Dansen Black Pants (Php1,000)
For Me:
My Reception Oufit:
Bayo Blouse (Php545)
Embellish Manila Accessory (Php400)
Gingersnaps pants for Kimi (Php880)
Our Gift for the Celebrant: Php5,700
Gift for Khloe: Baby Company Baby Bounce Bounce Chair (Php 3,699.75)
Another toy gift for Khloe (Php 1,999.75)
Total Cost of my Daughter's Christening Php109,000++

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