Tuesday, January 24, 2012

MaPa's 34th Wedding Anniversay

I consider myself lucky to have the best parents in the world. They might not be perfect nor they don't have the proper means to gave us the best material things in this world...but their unconditional love is more than enough to provide us with a happy and contented life. We owe them all we have and what we are right now. Through their patience, love, care, sacrifices and proper guidance we have and achieved a blessed and happy life.

Last week, 15th day of January 2012, marks my parents 34th Wedding Anniversary.
"Through Thick and Thin" really it is.
They both remain strong in spite of all the trials and hardships they've been through for 34 years.
To celebrate this special occasion...we just had a simple barbecue party at our terrace.
Ma and Pa on their 34th Wedding Anniversary
Literally "Through Thick and Thin"...hehehe.
We love you both so much!
 Our Food
Seafood Soup
Grilled Pork
Nachos with my homemade salsa and beef & cheese dip
Photos of the Day
Sis, Tita Achu and Papa 
Barbecue Party at the Terrace

 Happy Anniversary Ma and Pa.
More years of love and celebrations to come.

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