Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our Official New House Move In

 Finally!...we just transferred to our new house...Officially!
Our 1st night at the Masters Bedroom
"we just decided not to have a bed frame yet, as part of  kids safety and child proofing, since our kids still sleep with us"
Khloe's 1st breakfast at the dining table and her high chair
with Yaya Vangie
Our 1st Family Breakfast
1st use of the Masters Walk in Closet
customized clothes cabinet (based from IKEA)
Hubby's Corner
"he has so many clothes that he still occupied half of my  part"
My Corner
Finally organized!
a slot for my Swarovski Collection
a slot for my Ferrari Collection
My Makeup's
Our favorite perfumes
This will be a BIG adjustment for us because we are used to Mommy's care.
Now we need to officially take care of our own lives. 
From simple plans on what to eat, how to save, about budgeting, different errands and a lot more.
Wish us luck!

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