Monday, February 20, 2012

Golden Heaven Morning Sunshine Stroll

Every weekend we make it a point to bond with our kids. As much a possible weekends are official family day. We just love giving our kids a great morning sunshine stroll. Sometimes we bring them at Sam Miguel by the Bay at the back of MOA and sometimes, if we ever wake up a little late, we just bring them to Golden Heaven Memorial Park. 
Our Little Kloi Kloi 
Father and Son serious talk...i wonder what are they talking about?
I just love this photo!
(the one on the grave is actually not related to us)
"I'm lucky to have a real "Family Man" hubby. He  just love spending time with our kids. No matter how busy his schedule is nor if he's tired or sick,  he still finds a way to have a great bonding time with our two kulilits. He just couldn't say NO to our kids little plea.
Seeing them really makes me feel so blessed.
Thank God for another Great Day.

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