Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Monthly Household Budget & Expenses

Tomorrow will be the 1st month since we officially move in to our new house.
Now we are really learning how to be independent.
It such a great feeling to have our very own HOUSE and we are doing our best in making it a real happy HOME.

We just received our 1st Billings.
now it's time to learn how to Maximize our Budget and Minimize our Expenses.

Here's a detailed summary of our 1st Month (January) Household Bills and Other Expenses
Php 7,000+
Since we had visitors last January,.
Hoping our Electricity Bill will reduce this coming month.

I find it very affordable considering we are using showers when taking a bath.

Php 15,000+
We do our grocery thrice a month. It includes our food, our kids nappy, sack of rice, kids snack, Kimi's milk etc.

Php 5,000
Kimi's Mulberry Hills Manila Toddler Tuition Fee is 5K per month exclusive of other fees.

Php 8,000
Php4,000 for each Yaya

Other Expenses:
Khloe's Milk Php 4,600 per box of 6's

We just had a Total of Php40,000+ expenses for our first month.
This doesn't include other expenses such as Leisure (eat-out, toys and clothes etc.), Phone and Internet connection (under process), Insurance and Health Cards, Gas, House Amortization, Postpaid Bills (i have 2 postpaid lines while hubby has 3) etc.

Hay...Thank God i had a very hard working hubby who provides everything for us.
Hoping by next month we can reduce some of the expenses and omit unimportant ones.

I also found this useful Household Monthly Budget in Excel Form which you can fill up, it may help and guide you on your budgeting task.

click here to download the Household Budget Form


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