Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Favorite Snack: Pepperidge Farm Gold Fish Graham Crackers

My kids just love eating crackers and cookies. As much a possible we want them to stay away from junk foods. Luckily we just discovered another fun and healthy snack for my kids which they really love ... Pepperidge Farm: Goldfish S'mores

Pepperidge Farm: Goldfish S'mores are light fish shaped crackers, they are fun little pop in your mouth bite size crackers made of graham (chocolate and honey flavor) and marshmallow with wholegrain goodness and no artificial preservatives. They are baked graham snacks, one you start eating these fun little crackers you just can't stop.
Pepperidge Farm: Goldfish S'mores, bought from SM Hypermarket at Php 99.00 per pack
Made with WholeGrain
Nutritional Facts
Pepperidge Farm: Goldfish S'mores
Brown: Honey Graham
Black: Chocolate Graham
White: Little Marshmallows
My son really loves it and he can even finish the entire pack leaving only the crumbs.
Even I love it too!

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