Monday, February 13, 2012

PlayGo Pretend and Play Toys

I don't know what's with Toys Are's like magnet to hubby. Everytime he passes by Robinson's Toys are Us he'll definitely have the urge to go "Toy-Panic-Buying". It's one of the reason why we had an official Playroom. My kids had tons of toys and we badly need a space to keep them, in order to maintain an organize house. Hubby is really a spoiler when it comes to our kids. My kids are just lucky and blessed to have him as their Daddy.
Here's a photo of my kids playroom.
Containing just 50% of their toys. I just decided to keep some of their baby toys since my kids are already toddlers.
Here's another addition to my kids toys courtesy of their Dad.
Cute PlayGo Pretend and Play Toys.

PlayGo Pretend and Play Toys (Php 450 each)
"battery operated. . It vibrates, lights and mimics the machines sound effect. It also produces light wind inside when pressed, which in effect blows the colorful metallic confetti inside"
PlayGo Blender
PlayGo Iron
PlayGo Kettle
PlayGo Toaster
"As you turn the knob it produces a melody then the bread will pop up"
PlayGo Camera
"with camera sound effects and flash"
Thanks again daddy all this cute toys. 

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