Monday, February 20, 2012


I'm not into Milk Tea's, but since hubby keeps on bragging about Serenitea's Milk Tea, might as well try it even just for fad sake. Luckily we bumped into a Serenitea Branch at Resorts World, New Port. 
i just love the cute characters of Serenitea - Verdebud and Callicci
Serenitea's Menu Board
i just love the concept of this cute object: it vibrates and light up when your drink is ready.
relaxing color pallette of Serenitea's interior.
BPI Promo with Serenitea
Khloe waiting for my Tea
Serenitea Okinawa with 50% Sugar, Pearl and Pana cotta for me
Time to taste my Serenitea Milk Tea....
"Not bad...i just don't like the idea of  Tea+Milk. But honestly it tastes great and refreshing. I love the pearls more than the pana cotta. Though tea is healthier...i still prefer coffee based drinks. At least i already had a Milk Tea experience and joined the current Milk Tea Fad even just once"

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