Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kimi's New Artworks at Mulberry School

Again as a proud mom...i wouldn't miss the chance to post my son's wonderful artwork.
It's not perfect but for me it's the most amazing art I've ever seen.
Kimi... a young artist in the making.
Hope he'll inherit my love of arts.
Kimi's Masterpiece
A Christmas Tree.
Eggy Eggs.
funny and adorable eggs....
A House.
nice imaginary house you got there my son.
O for Octopus.
The cutest octopus I've ever seen.
U for Umbrella.
I don't know what's this but it still looks wonderful.
My Cute Toddler...Kimi
We're so proud of you my Son.
Keep it Up.
We Love You So Much

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