Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thrift Shop (Ukay Ukay) Great Finds

Last Friday (16th day of March 2012) me and my officemate went to a big Thrift Shop (Ukay Ukay) near our office. The shop offers all types of good condition used clothing...from shirts, shorts, skirts, pants, bags etc. Honestly...i really did go gaga with all the nice clothes i found. Here are some of the Ukay Ukay stuff i bought...for Php200 each.
Black Shorts JumpSuit
Summer Dress
Cute Cocktail Dress
Stripe Casual Dress with leather strap
"This is totally a fab find...i super love it!"
Now all i need to do is soak and wash it on an antibac detergent to eliminate any molds and bacteria...and Hola! additional outfit for ME!

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