Friday, April 13, 2012

DIY Personalized Envelope

Last week i had order bound for Canada, it was ready for delivery but my client asked me if i can still add personalized envelope to the invites. Since i can't find any 6x6 envelope on bookstores...i decided to make a personalized one...and here's my DIY 6x6 envelope...
Completed  Christening  Invites without the envelope
DIY Personalized Christening Envelope
Personalized Sticker for the Invites

Simple yet elegant.

Here's the 6x6 envelop pattern that i made. 

1 comment:

glee said...

wow! I like your craft! :) I actually thought of doing that long time ago, but due to limited time and school stuffs, I think I'm going to set aside those things for now :( Maybe in the future. hihi nice. :)

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