Friday, April 27, 2012

Family Bonding @ Serendra + Dinner @ Zong Restaurant

Of course Weekends should be a family we ended our Saturday by bringing the kids and my mom to Serendra, The Fort for a stroll and great dinner.

Photos of the Day
Our little princess enjoying a nice walk at Serendra Park
Just another great photo of a Loving Daddy and an Adorable Daughter.
While we are enjoying our stroll....our big kuya is having his afternoon nap.
Serendra's Dancing Fountain.
"The kids just love playing in the water. Some kids even took off their clothes and started to bathe at the fountain."
Our little girl curiously watching as the kids play and bathe at the fountain.
The Loving Daddy and An Adorable Little Princess.
Khloe just adores the colorful water fountain...
Khloe wanted us to buy this horse chair at Dimensione.
But it's too expensive for a chair...
Gosh...this will be added on my wish list...i just love this modern cabinet for my crafting stuff...
love at 1st sight...."sigh"...
Our 1st plan was to eat at Bon Chon Chicken since we haven't tried their famous chicken yet. Unfortunately it was packed with enthusiastic diners like us. So we just look for another dining option and found Zong Restaurant

Our Food
Kimi's Watermelon Shake
"So refreshing!"
Zong's Roast Combination Platter (Php 468.00)
Assorted roasted meals of suckling pig, duck, chicken an dpork served with jellyfish and century egg.
Zong's Singpore Style Fish Fillet (Php 438.00)
Fillet of dory served with a sweet and tangy ornage sauce topped off with egg floss.
Zong's Yang Chow Fried Rice (Php 288.00)
Zong's Fried Squid with Salt and Pepper (Php 388.00)
Our Zong experience is an A+. Their dishes are yummy and definitely MSG Free. The place was nice, clean and relaxing plus their staff are very accommodating and do serve with a smile.
Mama's Pre Birthday celebration dinner @ Zong

Another weekend well spent with the family.
Advance Happy Birthday Mama!

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