Friday, April 13, 2012

Jessica Sanchez AI Moments

I just couldn't believe it!... after hearing the news that Jessica Sanchez was included in the bottom 3 and was almost eliminated. But thanks to AI Judges for saving her. She really deserves the save and she really deserves to be the Next American Idol.

See for yourself how talented and what a great singer Jessica Sanchez is.
Here's a compilation of Jessica Sanchez AI Performances.

American Idol 11 TOP 25: Jessica Sanchez - Love You I Do

American Idol 11 TOP 13: Jessica Sanchez - I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston

American Idol 11 TOP 11: Jessica Sanchez - Turn the Beat Around

American Idol 11 TOP 10: Jessica Sanchez - Everybody Has A Dream by Billy Joel

American Idol 11 TOP 9: Jessica Sanchez - Sweet Dreams

American Idol 11 TOP 8: Jessica Sanchez - How Will I Know by Whitney Houston

American Idol 11 TOP 8: Jessica Sanchez & Joshua - I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)

American Idol 11 TOP 7: Jessica Sanchez - Stuttering

Does she deserve to be eliminated?...or does she deserve to be the Next American Idol?
Please vote wisely...
Hollie Cavanagh should be the one to be eliminated.

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