Monday, May 7, 2012

Mulberry Hills Work of My Little Hands Art Expo + Kimi's Report Card

Last month (24th of April 2012) before going to Buffet 101 we 1st drop by Mulberry Hills School to get  Kimi's report card. Mulberry Hills was currently having a Student Works Exhibit for that entire week and we're lucky to see all the Toddlers..."Work of My Little Hands" projects.
Kimi proudly looking at his Apple Art.
We're allowed to take home the envelope filled with his own amazing works..
"I'm so proud of you Kuya Kimi...hope you'll inherit mom's love of art"
Kimi proudly posing with his "Singkamas" Plant
Toddlers Group Projects
"Great Job Kuya!"
Mulberry Hills Students Art Exhibit
and here is Kimi's Report Card
Kimi's Second Quarter Assessment
-Kimi is a sweet boy always approaching to give a naughty smile. (just like mommy and daddy)
- He can count on a one to one correspondence up to ten (he can even count up to like Daddy)
-He identifies almost all colors and some shapes (he just love watching educational DVDs)
- He enjoys parallel play with his classmates.
- He should learn to follow classroom rules and routines.
- He needs to positively respond to correction and not resort to crying. (He's actually spoiled...mommy's fault)
- He has to be engaged in English conversation at home so he will adopt it as a second language. (gosh...sorry mommy is not good in English)
Kimi's Third Quarter Assessment
- Kimi always comes to school looking fresh and well groomed. (just like Daddy...clean looking)
- He identifies all the alphabets and numbers. (again result of his educational DVDs and our teaching as well)
- He loves reading so much. He is often the one who stays longest to read.
-He has to learn to comply to classroom rules and routines.
- He has to respond to correction positively and not resort to crying. (Again...)
- He needs focus and initiative to do simple tasks independently. (He has a Yaya who does everything for him ever since he was born...tsk tsk)
Kimi's  Fourth Quarter Assessment
- Kimi is expressive and affectionate especially to his teacher. (sweet like mommy and daddy)
- He is beginning to be independent and he is now trying to do things for himself. (finally!)
- He understands stories read to him and he answers follow up questions correctly.
- He has good memory retention. (Just like Daddy)
-He needs to be more interested and enthusiastic in classroom tasks - painting, drawing, writing.
- He should not resort to crying when he dos not get what he wants. (he always get what he wants at home..sigh)
- He has to overcome aggressive behaviour in the classroom.
You're Ready for Nursery! Kimi!

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