Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our 5th Wedding Anniversary: Krazy Garlik + Game Zoo + The Avengers

This blog has been long over I've said before I'm busy and mostly preoccupied by my small invites printing business. But anniversaries are one of the most special occasion i shouldn't miss blogging about. Last 8th Day of May 2012...hubby and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. It was just a simple celebration since our kids are our main priority right now...we didn't consider booking a plane for a nice beach vacation nor stay overnight in a luxury hotel. The most important thing is that we're blessed and happy to have each other.

We celebrated our special day by going to Resorts World Manila...had lunch at Krazy Garlik, Played arcade at Game Zoo and just watched "The Avengers".
Happy Anniv Idol!
One keepsake photo of our 5th wedding anniv.
We choose to have lunch at Krazy Garlik...since we're still CRAZY with each other...

Krazy Garlik Menu
Krazy Garlik Appetizers
Krazy Garlik Soups and Salads
Krazy Garlik Pastas
Facts and Trivia about Garlic
Facts and Trivia about Garlic
Facts and Trivia about Garlic
Facts and Trivia about Garlic
Krazy Garlik Table Setup...cute and modern...
You'll have this "unlimited" complimentary baked'll be surprised because it doesn't have the strong  Garlic's very soft and juicy...tastes more like a mashed potato.
Our Krazy Garlik Orders
Krazy GarlikAmazing Krazy Garlic Salad (Php275)
A refreshing Asian salad mixed with cucumber, bell peppers, onions and oriental chicken strips tossed in sesame lime dressing topped with fried wantons and peanut sauce
"simple salad but tasted amazing..."
Krazy Garlik: Spinach and Cream Cheese (Php225)
"A must try...I super love it...yummy!"
Krazy Garlik: Barbeque Garlic Chicken (Php450)
"Nothing extravagant about their pizza...aside from the fried garlic chips. Tastes just okay"
Our free wedding anniv. vanilla ice cream c/o Krazy Garlik
We are not the only ones, guess who else loves garlic?
Krazy Garlik at Resorts World Manila
Plants  vs. Zombies at Game Zoo Resorts World
Kiddie Bowling at Game Zoo Resorts World

6D Theater at Game Zoo Resorts World (Php150 per head)
Couples Wacky Shot!
Unique Popcorn Flavors at Resorts World Cinema
Bubble Gum, Soy Chicken, Ketchup, Wasabi and Taco
Time to watch "The Avengers"
we just had To Go foods from Savory to share with our love ones at home.
Thanks daddy for the Blue Bunny Mint Bon Bon Ice Cream
"though I'm not a fan of mint ice cream or's like eating toothpaste"
Happy Anniversary again Idol...kudos to Us!

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