Friday, May 18, 2012

Terranova: My Favorite Clothing Store

We will be having our company outing at Canyon Cove on the 19th day of May 2012...well it also's shopping time!. I need to find great new summer outfits. I tried to look for cute fashionable summer clothes on other boutiques, but unfortunately i didn't find anything that fits my personality and my style. So i end up shopping at my uber favorite boutique, Terrnanova. I super love their clothes...simple, very comfortable and at the same time very affordable.

My Terranova Summer Outfits
Tarranova Pink Summer Dress (Php695.00)
Terranova Mini Skirt with Flounces (Php595.00)
But i also didn't forget to shop at one of my favorite shopping place in Manila...which is Divisoria.
Cute Pink Shorts from 168 Mall Divisoria (Php200.00)
Yellow Striped Maxi Tube Dress (Php540.00)
Is it obvious that i don't like Hot Pink...
Now i'm ready for our Summer Outing...Excited Much!

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