Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Family Day at Serendra, The Fort to the nth time

Weekend is definitely a time for the kids.
Since hubby and i work 5 days a week it's only through weekend that we are able to give our kids an ample amount of time for bonding and play.
One of our favorite bonding place is Serendra Park which is located at The Fort Taguig.
We just love their parks with cute modern playgrounds and interactive dancing fountains.

Photos of the Day
A Family Shot @ Serendra's Interactive Dancing Fountain
The Best Daddy and Loving Hubby
Little Kloi-Kloi having so much fun running in Serendra Park
Our 2 loving yaya's Carmen and Liezel
Hubby and Me
Little Kloi-Kloi...such a great poser!
After a tiring chasing game at the park with the kids we then had another great bonding playtime at Active Fun The Fort.
Little Kloi-Kloi enjoying Active Fun's Trampouline
There's nothing better than seeing a big smile on your kids face....

Well another wonderful day well spent with the kids...

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