Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kimi's 1st Day @ Divine Light Academy

Well today is the day (14th Day of June 2012) son will start his Kinder years.
Actually I'm more excited than him.
I just cant wait about his stories of his first day at Divine Light Academy.

Photos of the Day
Kimi Reyes at Kinder..section Respect
Kimi with his new classmates Kimi is a baby no more....
Kimi enjoying his 1st Breaktime
Kimi's name tag provided by his teachers
Divine Light Academy's Kinder Blue Room
"honestly i'm impressed...very spacious, neat and comfortable for the kids"
His smile only shows that he love his new school
Kimi's Table
Good thing the room is air conditioned...
A little prayer at the end of the class

Good luck Son...We love you so much..

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