Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Small Crafting Area

Since it wasn't in my plan to pursue a small printing business before we transferred to our new house...i wasn't able to have a working space for my crafting works. So for the meantime I'm using a small corner on our guest room to keep my crafting things... and also it's where i work on my printing jobs.
KimiF1Creations Little Crafting Corner
KimiF1Creations Crafting Stuff
KimiF1Creations Colorful Ribbons
KimiF1Creations Colorful Ribbons and Fabric Tapes
KimiF1Creations Cute Buttons
KimiF1Creations Gem Embellishments, Wiggly Eyes and Buttons
KimiF1Creations other embellishments
Hoping to have a real work space soon...
Something like this......

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