Sunday, July 8, 2012

Daddy and Mommy's 37th Wedding Anniversary

It's such a blessing to celebrate Wedding Anniversaries every year. It's a proof of true love, trust and loyalty with each other. Reaching 10years or more is such a big deal, since a lot of couples easily do get separated nowadays. 

Last Friday (29th day of June 2012), we had a small party in celebration for Mommy and Daddy's 37th Wedding Anniversary with the slogan "Getting Stronger and Sweeter Everyday".

The Buffet Food
"Some are bought and some are cooked by Mommy and Mama"
Fish Fillet
Roasted Chicken
Fresh Lumpia
Pork Steak
Long Life Pansit
Photos of the Day
Daddy and Mommy...getting sweeter and stronger everyday...
Truly Happy and Sweet!
Hubby and my Khloe

Daddy and Mommy...
We just wish you more years together...
God Bless and continue to love one another!

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