Saturday, July 21, 2012

What Makes Me Happy...

Having two cute, adorable and smart kids is really a wonderful blessing.
They are my inspiration in everything that i do.
I just love them both!
She's so sweet.
She doesn't forget to say "i love u much" to us with matching  super  hug.
She's smart..counting 1-10 at the age of 1 yr. 8 mos.
She's so playful and talkative.
She loves to do funny wearing funny hats.
She loves to eat and loves her milk so much...she actually drinks 16 bottles of 18oz milk a day.
She's so putting all the toys that she founds on the floor back to the toy bin.
She always wear a big smile.
She loves posing in cameras.
She loves to go out specially going to malls.
She loves to watch HOP, The Muppets, The Journey 2 (the one with the big lizard), Happy Feet and  Rio.
Smart. Sweet.
A cry baby most of the time.
Such a heavy eater...he loves food specially pizza.
He likes to ask a lot of questions.
He has a cute signature "silly smile"
He loves toy car so's a proof
Kimi's Toy Cars
Kimi's F1 Cars
Toy Shelf in the playroom

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