Friday, October 19, 2012

Buffet 101 with Mah KAPUKS!

(13th day of  September 2012...late blog due to busy schedule)
Before my birthday, I just decided to have an advance celebration with mah "KAPUKS"
 I can't think of any other place for a great dinner... so I just chose Buffet 101 again for the nth time.

Photos of the Day
with mah Kapuks Glenda, Baklang Richard and Baby Luis at Buffet 101
yours truly...
with Baby other son...hahaha
with Kapuks Glenda and Baby Luis...thinking of what to eat for dessert.
hmmmm...we're having a hard time choosing...everything looks yummy!
with mah Kapuks Glenda...we did click together beacuse we're both "Maarte"
with my two favorite KAPUKS...
What's on my plate...
1st Plate: Buffet 101 Pizza, Waffle, Egg Sandwich and Baby Back Ribs
2nd Plate: Century Egg (my fav) and Nachos
3rd Plate: Chili Crabs
4th Plate: Angus Steak
plain yogurt for dessert
yummy Mango Cheesecake! perfect pair for coffee
proof of our "Katakawan"
Buffet 101...always the best!
More photos of our Buffet 101 dinner HERE

Really had fun with mah Kapuks...non stop laughter and fun.
Word of the day "foul play for foreplay" hahaha...i wont forget this.
Hope to do this again with you guys...

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