Friday, October 19, 2012

Divine Light Academy Pre-School Alternative Day - Filipiniana

(25th day of August 2012...late blog due to busy schedule)
For DLA's 1st Alternative Day, the pre-school were required to wear Filipino Costumes. Since Kimi already played a "magsasaka" before in Mulberry i decided to let him wear his old "magsasaka" costume. All the Pre-school students performed a simple Filipino inspired dance number. They also sang and dance to the tune of PBB's "Pinoy Ako". It was really fun to watch the kids perform and have fun. Eventhough Kimi had a little part in the dance, it still made my heart burst with so much happiness. Every parents was so proud seeing their little kids participate in DLA's pre-school special alternative dance number. All the student were also asked to bring Filipino foods so to have something to eat for a mini fiesta in DLA's pre-school building hallway.
Photos of the Day
Kimi with his partner...all out smile!
Kimi with his classmates..
DLA's Pre-School Students dancing to the tune of PBB's Pinoy Ako
Kimi having a rest after the hot and tiring performance
one of Kimi's artwork
mini fiesta at DLA's Pre-School Building hallway
Video of DLA's 1st Alternative Day - Filipiniana

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