Thursday, October 25, 2012

My 2012 Birthday

(16th day of  September 2012...late blog due to busy schedule)
Well today is my DAY!
Too bad...i still need to work to finish my deadlines.
Thanks to my friends for being with me on the day before my birthday...specially for helping me with my orders. 
I just have a simple celebration with my loving family and friends, just spend the whole day in the house.
It was a very memorable one because before my special day ends...our Yaya was rushed to the hospital due to abdominal pains and was diagnosed with acute "appendicitis".
I had no choice but to take the whole week leave, so that i can look after my kids at the same time it's also the week of  hubby's operation.

But I'm still thankful to GOD for everything i have..
For another year...
For my happy and wonderful life
For my loving family
For my loving and loyal hubby
For my healthy and adorable kids
For a wonderful new house
For my job
For my talent, which i use to earn extra income
For my ever loyal friends
and a lot more...

Photos from my special day...
working til morning to finish my invites order...
Thanks mommy for this wonderful gift...
my gift to myself....
Thanks T2F and Family for this yummy cake...
Thanks to my family for this yummy cake and most specially for being here to celebrate with me..Love you all!
Thanks Ma for this scrumptuous and crunchy Lechon Kawali!
Thanks mommy for this yummy adobo
Lychee gely c/o Mommy...
one of the best gift i precious little girl..Khloe
my lifetime gift from hubby
Happy Birthday to us Papa!
my BFF's
Lafang time!
Mama...thanks for u!
More photos of My 2012 Birthday here

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