Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Carter's Diaper Bag

When choosing a Diaper Bag, you need to consider size, style and comfort. In the last few years, diaper bags have become more colorful. They feature many styles and designs. There are also bags available that dads can use without being embarrassed. 

These are some of the features to consider:
1. Shoulder bags should have adjustable shoulder straps.
2. Attachments that allow you to attach the bag to a stroller.
3. Fabric that is moisture resistant and washable.
4. Sturdy construction and quality zippers.
5. Several pockets for baby items, cell phone and other small items.

Carter's Diaper Bags is what i prefer most of all the brands available in the market, because it has all these features. It's very affordable. It holds a lot, but doesn't bulge out. It has a great designs that is very fashionable and i love their logo emblems. It has a lot of pockets where i can easily stack baby's stuff and rifle through without feeling like i am digging around the bag. I love the side pockets where i put my baby's water cup and bottles where they fit really great.There are two mesh pockets inside that are great for wipes and a number of other things.I also appreciate having the inside zippered pocket for other personal items. It is very durable, you can use it for a long time without a change on it's physical features like color. I've been using my baby boy's diaper bag for almost 3 years and it never change at all, it almost look as if it's brand new. Lastly, I so love it's hang and snap attachment that fits all types of strollers.

BEFORE: April 2008 Brand New Carter's Diaper Bag of my Son
AFTER: 2011 After almost 3 years of usage still the same as brand new
Hang n' Snap Stroller Attachment

Now that i have a new baby girl I asked hubby to buy Khloe a new diaper bag and as usual I chose Carter's Brand.

Carter's Bag for Baby Girl Khloe (Php 899.75)

Carter's Cute Brand Logo

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