Saturday, February 12, 2011

New House Blue Print and Contract

Yesterday when i arrive home from the hospital i saw Daddy, Mommy, Hubby and Engineer Alamacen having a meeting in the garage, i then joined them. The meeting was about the Engineers Contract and the house construction bargaining. Before having the contract, Engineer Alamacen told us that the amount of 4.5 million includes everything needed in the construction even the tiles and other fixtures like the red clodding. So before signing the contract we noticed that there are lots of exclusion even the tiles, electrical and plumbing installations, etc. so we forced him to give us a big discount, because if there are lot of exclusions the construction amount will raise to 5million +++. We badly need the said discount so we can still have enough funds for our furniture's and appliances.

Hay it's really expensive to have a house today, maybe that's the reason why many families just prefer renting. If i we're to ask i don't really want a big house so i told hubby not to consume the whole 278 sq meters. But hubby didn't agree he even told the engineer to extend more the masters bedroom. More expenses to come most specially when we really have our own home...goodluck to us...

the house design
Hubby wants a modern zen house so he requested a glass terrace and red clodding (like jollibee food chains exterior)
contracts for the construction

Blue print of the front of the house

Floor plan blue print


Anonymous said...

You should contact a real ARCHITECT.

not a civil engineer and naming himself Contractor Engineer. There is no such thing as contractor engineer. this one is against the code

Anonymous said...

this is really violation for RA 9266 and National building code IIR.the Engineer and owner are violator of this said project according to mentioned law and this is evidence for this case.Goodluck

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