Sunday, February 27, 2011

FixPix Wall Paper Designs

When i was pregnant with my baby girl we decided to make a colorful room for our two kids. We converted the color of our wall from white to red, blue and yellow, but hubby said it's a bit plain so we looked for a place to buy wall sticker design and sadly we can't find any designs we love. Luckily we pass by a Daiso store at Robinson's Otis and we found variety of cute FixPix self adhesive wall stickers ranging from Php 100 - 200 only. I find it so affordable because each pad consist of numbers of stickers plus additional embellishments for added effect. It is also reusable, it can be easily peeled off and reapplied to other wall without loosing its sticky adhesive.

Robot and Space Wall Sticker
Zoo Wall Sticker

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