Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rustan's Baby Clothes

Last Friday hubby attended a meeting of his Rotary Club, they always held it in Alabang most of the time at Koreana Resto. When hubby arrive home he showed me his surprise pasalubong for my two kids. Their meeting ended earlier so he deiced to stop by Rustan's at ATC to buy my two kids new clothes and i find it so sweet beacuse most of the time it's a Mom's job, in fairness he has a great taste.

Here are the new clothes for Baby Khloe
I so love this black onsie's by Rustan's Baby Club with Pink Leggings (Php 500) 
Pink Heart shirt comes with a pink shorts by Rustan's Baby Club  (Php 500)
White woody dress (Php 600)
Here's the new clothes for Master Kimi by Rustan's Kiddos (Php 600 each)
Thanks idol for the clothes...i supah love it....

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