Sunday, February 27, 2011

Serendra Bonifacio HighStreet

Yesterday we decided to bring Kimi, Khloe and Papa to Serendra Bonifacio HighStreet for a stroll. Since my papa got a stroke, his doctor told us that he needs 30mins.of walk everyday. Since it's weekend, I then suggest Serendra as a nice place to stroll for papa and my kids. It will also serve as a bonding day for all of us. I love the park and of course the fresh and cold breeze of air which is good for papa. Strolling with his apo's will be a big help in his fast recovery. It was a very fun day because I'm with the people i love most....

Kimi with Lolo and Lola
Our Family Picture
Our Cute Daughter Khloe
Mommy and Khloe (i love this shot thanks bro)
Lola and Khloe
Yaya Kris and Khloe enjoying the park
with my Master Kimi (i love u sooo much)
Uncle Ninong with Cutie Kimi
Daddy and Khloe (Carbon Copy)
Family Picture (my sis and bro nino is missing in action)
My loving mama...the best mama in the world...
Daddy and Kimi (partners in crime)
Kimi showing the thumbs up sign....
Can't wait for another stroll next week...hmmmm....where should we go?....

More Photos here

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