Friday, February 4, 2011

New House for 2011

Finally after 3 yrs. of waiting...we'll soon have our new home.. The construction costs is estimated to reach 4.6 million...then goodluck to us...excluding the furnitures and other stuff.  The ground breaking is already scheduled this February 08, 2011. So excited in decorating our future house specially the rooms of my kids...Thank you Lord for all the blessings...i could'nt ask for more....

Since the construction is fast approaching i started to search for room designs and color for my 2 kids room. Here are some that i think is a great option.

Options for my little khloe's room 
Cute options for shelves
wall design for my baby boy's room
a cute divider in the living room
Thanks to this great and colorful site ...i suggest this site if your searching for cute usable things for your home. Too bad all the stuff there can only be bought in New Zealand or Australia. 

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