Friday, February 4, 2011

Six Petals Flower Invitation

I'm on a invitation project right now...for the christening of my baby girl khloe...i want something unique and cute for my baby's invites so i come up with a 6 Petals Flower Invitation. Here's what i plan to make...

6 Petals Wand Invitation
Cute gem studs for embellishment
6 Petals Flower Invitation (when petals are opened)
with leaf attachment where you can place the name of invitees
Close Up Inside Invitation
Here's the .PDF Close Up
Materials Used:

Php 188.00
Php 100.00

Php 39.50

Downloadable Pattern:
click the image to download
Overall Costs per Invitation: Php 35.00

1 comment:

emma said...

hi, super cute ng invitations mo how much per pc.? thanks

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