Monday, March 14, 2011

168 Mall @ Divisoria

Last Wednesday (9th of March 2011), i went to Divisoria to look for souvenir Tumblers. Since it was weekdays and ash Wednesday, there is less crowd and traffic. I found an opportunity to go to 168 mall without the hassle of being bumped all the time  because the mall is not that crowded. Unlike every BER months, you can't hardly move because the mall is full of people (from Class A to D type) busy buying gifts for the Christmas season. I so love going to 168 Shopping Mall because there are lots of things to buy at a bargain price. 

Like this Tumbler for Php 65 retail price, but with bargaining i got it for only Php 50.

The original price of this long sleeve shirt is Php 280 but again with a bit of bargaining i got it only for Php 200. I so love it's design, color and texture. It is made of silk like "gusot mayaman" type of cloth.

Me wearing the blouse at the office...
(my officemates thought it was an expensive blouse)
Pants for only Php 400

How to go to Divisoria from Las Pinas? 
Just ride a Bus or Fx to Lawton (Php 40.00). Then from Lawton ride a PUJ with Divisoria sing board (Php 8.00). It's that can now start shopping....

So if your practical and searching for a great bargain,
theres no other place to go than Divisoria. 
I bet you can see there whatever you're looking for and
I can guarantee you that your budget will go a long way... 

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