Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chateau De Sable

Everytime we go walkabout in Mall of Asia, I can't stop admiring "Chateau De Sable" Boutique. The boutique offers Classy and Elegant Infants/Kids clothing's. Before, my plan is to purchase Khloe's Baptismal Dress at Chateau De Sable. I really find their clothes nice and very comfortable to wear plus the styles are so elegant. But after seeing the price, practicality calls and thought it's a bit too expensive for a baptismal dress that will only be worn once. 

This was my planned Baptismal Dress for Khloe (Php 3,930)
i fell  in love with this dress the 1st time i saw it, but it's just too expensive for a baptismal dress
Overview of Chateau De Sable:

They only have one store in the Philippines, located at Mall of Asia
Even the Boutique's Interior Design gives a classy look and ambiance
After my mom's birthday treat at Trinity, we decided to stroll for awhile in MOA. Since our little princess is with us, a short visit and a bit window shopping in Chateau De Sable is a must. Hay...i wish i could buy all those clothes for my daughter. 

After scanning the whole store, hubby suggested that we buy something for Baby Khloe. Since she still has  lots of new clothes as gifts from her christening, i then looked for something more useful for her and found this...

a simple Chateau De Sable baby hat (Php 799.00)
Just a simple hat already costs hubby 800 bucks. But it's really a beauty on it's simplest form fit for our little princess.

If your a mom who wants clothes with class and elegance for your little angels
you'll surely be amazed and fall in love with what Chateau De Sable has in store for you... 

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