Tuesday, April 26, 2011

SM Sucat Grocery + Austin Land = Monday, Week Starter

Yesterday was another Grocery Day for our family. Mommy and Daddy went to Australia for a vacation, it's now my duty to take care of our daily house needs most specially our daily food menu. For a change, we went to SM Sucat to do our grocery errand.

here's our 1 week supply of food and other necessities
We have to buy food enough for 7 persons (Hubby, Me, Hubby's younger bro and  4 house maids). One full shopping cart cost hubby 6,500 bucks. 

here's the long receipt of our groceries last night
For this week menu:
Adobong Baboy
Chicken Curry
Beef Caldereta (by Me)
Chopsuey in Mushroom Soup and Fish
Mongo and Fish
Beef Nilaga
Beef Tapa (by Me)
Lasagna (by Me)

As usual i forgot to bring my SM own bag in helping save the planet earth from plastic bag (grrrr...). Another advantage of bringing the bag is the "Double your SM Advantage Points". 

While Ate Mayette assisted me in completing our groceries, hubby and Kimi went to Austin Land. It's like Tom's World, but aside from arcade games they have a mini playground for kids.

Ausitn Land Rate
Ausitn Land
located near the Supermarket Level Restroom
Kimi enjoying the new discovered playground
Slide with Ball Pool
Kimi riding the cute animal carousel
inside the playground

Machine operated rotating coconut tree, water slide, banana boat seesaw and pet carousel
TV for watching cartoons and playstation area
Kimi enjoyed the new kiddie playground. Since it's weekdays, there are no other kids, he has the playground only for himself. Almost all the toys and stuffs are still on its good condition and the place is still clean and stain free. It gives us a bit idea on what to do on our kids future play room. 

Another great discovery for Kimi and Hubby's after work bonding playtime.

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