Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mama's 56th Birthday @ Trinity

Last Sunday was my mom's 56th Birthday. She celebrated her special day at Trinity (San Miguel By the Bay) with us and my brother-in-law's family.
The Birthday Celebrant
"Nionida Cuevas Gonzales"
Trinity, San Miguel By the Bay (behind MOA)
Like the classic dampa in Paranaque,
where you can buy fresh seafood's from the wet market
and let the food house of your choice cook it the way you like it
Our Family and my Brother-in-Law's Family 
Here's my mom's birthday "handa"

our classic favorite "Inihaw na Baboy" (grilled pork)
Inihaw na Tanigue
Dip for the Tanigue
"I super love it, it's delicious and creamy, it gives the fish added flavor"
Fish Miso Soup
Sweet and Sour Lapu-Lapu
Their specialty "Buttered Shrimp"
Calamares with Mayo Dip
Shots from my mom's special day...

Birthday Mom with her Grand Daughter Khloe
Our Gift for Mama
plate of my kids yaya's
"it's obvious that they love the buttered shrimps, they almost ate the whole plate of shrimps"
My Bro-in-Law, Craigee and my Sister
My Bro looking so hungry
Gonzales's Siblings without my other Bro Nino
Our Family making faces
"sayang wala si Nino, di na nya need mg make face...hahahaha"
Our little princess
sisters (Mama and Tita Achu)
Wacky Family Photo
We're so lucky to have Nionida Cuevas Gonzales as our mother. She's the reason why we grew up to be good persons and become good mothers to our kids. She's our mama, best friend and inspiration. She nurtured and showered us with so much love and care. She sacrificed a lot of things for us. I remember when i was in college, she never spent anything for herself even not repairing her false teeth for a long time just to save for our education and other needs. Ever since she never let us wash our own clothes even when she's tired, that's how she pampered us. Till now she remains sweet and caring to us, specially when we're sick, even though we already have our own family. These are only few of the reasons why we love her so much...Thanks so much Mama for being a great mother...

We love you so much....

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