Friday, April 8, 2011

Khloe's Christening Checklist

Two days to go before Khloe's Christening Day, I'm so busy finalizing all the details and material needed to make that day a very special one for my Daughter...

and here's my event checklist..

Church: already paid and reserved for April 10, 2011

Reception: reserved for 100+ persons

with an Eat-All-U-Can Buffet menu which includes:
Appetizer: Crab Balls
Soup: Mushroom Soup
Main Dish: Crab Maritess, Barbecued Pork Ribs with Java Rice, Chopsuey, Lechon
Dessert: Fresh Fruits, Choco Cup Cakes
Crab Maritess, Crab cooked in olive oil, wine and lots of garlic
Invitations: Already sent to the guests a week ago...

Souvenirs: 70 pcs. finished and packed...

Candles: also done : )

Cupcake Toppers: also done : ), 50 pcs. cupcakes pick up on Saturday afternoon...
Cupcake Boxes: done

Table Centerpiece: 10 pcs. ready for pick up on Saturday afternoon...
so lovely... thanks "Del Cena's Flower Shop" for the super big discount
(original price Php 1,500 each made from imported real fuchsia pink roses)

Celebrant's Outfit:  bought and ready...
Khloe's Church Outfit from Periwinkle (Php 725.00)
Khloe's Reception Outfit:
Pink Onsies from Divisoria (Php 150.00)
Tutu Skirt from Gingersanps (Php 569.00)
Fisher Price Ballet shoes from SM Southmall (Php 350.00)
Tarpaulin: Printed and ready for pick up this afternoon

What else do i forgot?...well i still need to buy clothes for my son, Khloe's christening shoes & cap and of course our outfit. Good thing we still have 2 days...Goodluck to us...
So proud because i made everything personalized and hand made. Maybe I can venture on event planning someday....

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