Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Khloe's Christening Gifts

As a mother it's important to me to have keepsakes and records of everything that's happening to my kids, That's why i take pictures of any events, happenings, milestones and stuffs my kids are having so they have something to reminisce when they are already grown ups.

It's Kloe's Gift opening time...I'm more excited than her to open all her gifts and we have Master Kimi to assists us in opening all the stuff.

Album from the Quintans Family
Bright Years Flutter Paradise from Sir Joffrey
Mother Care Bed Quilt from Mam Pia
Chicco Teether from Auntie Pam and Sophie
Barney Bottle Set from Meneses Family
Blouse Set from Tita Olive and Lalaine
Gown from Tito Ernie 
Gingersnaps Blouse from Kuya Kyle V.
Bench Dress and Panties from Tita Jhing
 2 Gingersnap Dress from Sir Papa
Gingersnap Dress from George M.
Tweety Set from Mam Yas

Cute Tutu Skirt Set from Tita Maricel
Towel from Segismundo Family

Gymboree pink dress from Sanchez Family
Oshkosh Blouse Set from Daddy's Staff
Disney Princess  Bag from Hubby's Friend Gerry
Your presence in the event is too much as a gift, but thanks anyway for the extra effort in making our princess happy...

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