Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Khloe's Christening

The Celebrant
Khloe Reyes
Last Sunday (10th of April 2011) was the celebration of Khloe's Christening at The Shrine of St. Therese of the Child Jesus followed by a lunch reception at Red Crab Resort World Manila. It was a tiring yet exciting event and we are so happy that most of the special people in our life celebrated with us on that special day.

At the House:

Khloe's Church Outfit
At the Church:

Inside The Shrine of St. Therese of the Child Jesus
the celebrant and me
Daddy, Khloe and Mommy
during the baptismal rites
Khloe's only pair of Godparents, Us and Daddy
(Ninong Cambe and Ninang Bhenz)
At the Reception:
Khloe's Cute Tarpaulin
Cupcakes and the Tumbler Souvenirs
Buffet Table

The Buffet:
Fresh Salad, Crab Balls and Mushroom Soup
(The crab balls tastes heavenly that i can't stop munching on it. 
It's really stuffed with real crab meat)
Orange Chicken and Chopsuey
The best seller Crab Maritess

hmmm...is all i can say...the food was so great...all our guests love it
The Guests:
Ninong Cambe and Citiaire Staff
My OB (Doc Cortez) and his wife 
Highschool friends (Olive and Lalaine) with
Architect Almasen (our house architect) and family
My Gonzales Family with Tito Oka and AR
Hubby's fellow Rotarian and Office Staff
My Valderrama Cousins and Tita Achu
The very accomodating and friendly staff of Red Crab
The Reyes Clan
My super love BFF's
our princess with her cute Tita Diane
with his handsome Uncle Bry
"Thanks Uncle Bry for all the christening keepsake shots...love u - Khloe"
More Khloe's Christening Photos here
The Cakes and the Favors:

Tumbler Souvenirs
Khloe's Cute Cupcakes
We had a hit and successful event... Everyone was happy with the food, the set up and the favors.
Thanks to The Red Crab staff for their hard work and for accommodating every guest with a smile.
Thanks for all our loved ones and friends for sharing this day with us.
Thank you Idol (My Hubby) for working so hard to give Khloe this grand celebration.
and Thank you Lord for giving us a healthy and cute Princess Khloe.

Note: If you have any upcoming events, Red Crab Resorts World is highly recommended. Their buffet set food tastes so great and the venue, setup and service is an A+
just dial 856-0087 and look for AL 

Our happy Khloe after the event...
We love you  so much Kloi-Kloi....

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Good pm! How much is their buffet package? Thanks!

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