Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ravioli + Padis Point + HS Friends = One Great Night Out

Last night my old HS friends invited me to meet up at Starbucks MOA. I'm already dressed and prepared before 8, because i hate being late. The original plan was Olive and Laine will fetch me, since i still don't know how to drive. I've been waiting for almost an hour but for some irritating reasons they forgot to fetch me and they are already at Coastal on their way to MOA (Grrrrr...). Luckily i have my supportive hubby with me and he insist on driving me to our meeting place. On our way, i remembered that i forgot to get the SD of my camera in my Laptop. So i have my useless camera with me without the SD. 

The four of us (Me, Olive, Laine and Jack) first looked for somewhere to stay and eat, then we settled at Bistro Ravioli. It's a classic Italian Resto which offers Pasta, Pizzas and Ravioli.

My order
Pancetta (Italian Bacon) Carbonara (Php 150.00)
"nothing special about the taste, just the same old classic carbonara "
Red Iced Tea (Php 35.00)
Bistro Ravioli Menu
We stayed there for an hour trying to catch up and talked about our lives. We're not that super close friends like BFF's, actually we only see each other once in a while. But we still consider each other as special friends since we have lots of unforgettable memories during our high school days. 

Olive Silvoza : HS Heart Rob, Super Sexy, Pretty and Friendly
Bernie Reyes (Me): Shy, Studious
Jakc Tanada: The most Kikay and Maarte (in a funny way), Red Crepe Paper Lady
Laine Isip: nice friend and mysterious
since it's already late and it's closing time for Bistro Ravioli, we decided to hop and go back to Starbucks for a coffee chat. With so much to talk about, we then transferred to Padis Point to continue the stories of our life's adventures. Then we decided to call it a night at  about 2:00 a.m.
We at Padi's Point
It was just a fun and exciting night.
Full of shocking revelations, funny & super emote stories & experiences and lots of memories to reminisce
So glad to have spent another day with you guys. 
Hope to see you all again soon.

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