Monday, May 16, 2011

Canon PowerShot D10

I'm very pleased and satisfied with my Canon PowerShot D10, it's the 1st Waterproof, Freeze proof and Shockproof  camera of canon. It's one of hubby's "pasalubong" to me from his July 2009 Australia trip. I had this gadget for almost 2 years, yet the performance and photo quality never changes. I can't count how many times my baby have thrown this camera, but it never malfunctioned nor had any scratch or cracks. It has also traveled to many places and submerged to countless pools and beaches, yet no changes or discolorization can be found on its physical appearance. 
I used Canon PowerShot D10 on almost all of my blog photos
it's one of the things i just couldn't live without

Sample water shots and video from Canon PowerShot D10

Underwater shot of my bro at 8 Waves pool
Underwater shot of my Sister-in-Law at Anawahig Beach
water view shot by hubby during his 2010 Hawaii Trip
Splash Island Twisted Palms Ride Video

Canon PowerShot D10 has proven its versatility and durability. 
Really a great value for money.
I'll surely recommend PowerShot D10 for adventure and beach lovers, 
who wants to capture every moment, limitless on whatever terrain .

for more info about the product visit Canon @

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