Monday, May 16, 2011

Splash Island

Every time my sister and her family visits here for their Pinas vacation, we make it a point to have a family swimming bonding. This year we chose Splash Island, since it's the closest resort in Las Pinas and it's been a long time since our last outing at Splash Island (I'm still in elementary that time). Unfortunately, Mama and Papa couldn't come, because papa was hospitalized last week and he really needs to rest. 

We arrive at the resort at about 9:30 am and it's already pack with people,  mainly because of  2 company outing and the Splash Island Bikini Open Event. Too bad all the 6 air con cabanas was already taken, so we had no choice but to take the open "kubo" near the highway and the wave pool (Curl-of-the-Orient).
our ticket (Php 500/head)
"Tickets for Me, Hubby, Yaya Emely and Yaya Regine,
luckily my 2 kids entrance is still free"
Khloe and Mommy 
Khloe with Uncle Bry
Khloe with Autnie Sha
Me and Hubby
"til our outing, business prin...hehehehe"
Me again with Khloe eating his brother's IPOD
Bro Bry busy with my kids sunblock
"hoy! bumili ka ng sayo...hehehe"
My brother-in-laws siblings
at the Pool
so excited for my baby's 1st swimming experience
Khloe with Yaya Emely
Master Kimi enjoying the water
Lola Achu with Master Kimi
Uncle Bry with my cute nephew Craigee
My Sister and Bro-in-Law Edwin
in line for our Rio Montanosa Ride
Me and My Bro
Sis, Edwin and Ryan loading the big inflatable of Rio Montanosa
Rio Montanosa Slide
See more photos here

Unfortunately i have Acrophobia, fear of heights, the reason why i don't have the courage to try all the slides. 

Here are some of my "Wa-Poise" slide adventure videos...
(please bare with me...)

Splash Island also offer additional floating attractions such as trampoline, wall climbing, volley ball, inflatable obstacle course and pool zipline. In terms of swimming attire they are not that strict, which means you can wear whatever you want. But bringing food inside is still restricted.

All in all our outing was fun. 
Our kids enjoyed it, even with the super hot weather
Splash Island will surely make you experience numerous fun and unforgettable adventures

for more info visit Splash Island @

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