Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cenedoza's Despedida at Max's

Wednesday (18th of May 2011)
Tomorrow is my sister's flight back to Dubai, She and my Bro-in-Law treat us at Max's Southmall as their despedida. It was a sad day for all of us because we'll surely gonna miss my sister and my nephew Craigee. We didn't had the chance to have a photo session at TPC for another family picture, we didn't have the time to go to divisoria, we didn't had the time to travel...hay one month vacation is really not enough.

Here are some of the shots from my Sis last day @ Pinas
So blessed to have them in my life
Our Famiy
I will surely miss you Craigee
most specially your "PUK YOU, Tita"
Translation: Pokoyo the cartons
Old Menu Price of Max's
You can have 1 whole chicken for only Php 5.00
Bro Nino and me Goofing for a shot
Sis, Ma and Me
My Sis happy family
last shot with my cute nephew Craigee
Tito Pangit Bry with cutie Craigee
Proud Grandparents
Crying Uncle Nino
Happy Gonzales Siblings
Instead of "Cheese" say "Pokoyo"
Hope you've enjoyed your short vacation...
Thanks Sis for everything...
Your vacation is a big help for Papa's recovery
We'll surely miss you all...Love Lots

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