Friday, May 20, 2011

Cosmic Kidz @ Selecta Kids Universe MOA

Every time we visit MOA, we me make it a point to bring Kimi to Kids Universe. It's a wonderland for kids, it is where Cosmic Kidz is located, a 4 stories high Kiddie Play Area. We decided to bring Kimi and Craigee to Cosmic Kidz MOA to play and bond, while my sister and I hunt and shop for bags and shoes.
Views from the top

Cozmic Kidz 1st Level
Sling Shot - like a carousel, but with revolving round bean bags where you can sit and swing with it

Plasma Pool - kids find it fun, because it's like they're walking on water
Inflatable challenge Hockey - a kiddie game just like Hockey, using only pumped air to hit the balls
Spectrum Crossing - water boat on land that moves up and down
other attraction and games in the 1st level:
Wave Rider - a kiddie game, where you have to shoot as many balls as you can in a funnel
Cosmic Kidz 2nd Level
Airballs - for balloon lover, a room with fans inside that blew the balloons up and down
Orbits - a pool of transparent balls that changes color
The 2nd level is full of Interactive toys for kids from Comfy International Interactive Toys. Like educational video games, puzzles, logic games and kiddie musical instruments. It also has lots of kiddie slides
Musical Instruments
Interactive Kiddie Video Game
Apollo Climber - climbing area for kids
Mini Animal Carousel

Cosmic Kidz 3rd  and 4th Level
Located here is the Gaming Cannon Area and the Helicopter Cockpit
The Battle Zone of soft ball Cannons
Admission Rates:
30 Minutes Play - Php 180.00
1 Hr. Play - Php 250.00
Extension (every 30 mins.)  - Php 180.00
Unlimited Play  - Php 480.00
Adult Pass (non-play - 1 adult per kid) - Php 120.00
Socks - Php 30.00

Cosmic Kidz is really big ...tiring yet full of fun.
It's like a play heaven for kids and the kids-at-heart.
The playground is completely padded which ensures safety for all the kids.
All the stairs and slides are very safe and they also have friendly staff's who can look after your little bagets. 
 A bit pricey but will surely put a smile on your kids face.

Selecta Kids Universe 
Ground Floor Level, South Park Building
SM Mall of Asia
For Party Packages - please call  804-0166

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