Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Duty Free with Hubby and the Kids

It's a classic to go to Duty Free whenever there's a "balikbayan". Since hubby just arrive from US, he decided to  go to Duty Free with us to buy something for the kids.

Daddy and Kimi applying for the Purchase Card
Khloe's 1st time @ Duty Free
(Ate Glenda Thanks for the "I'm the little sister" shirt, too bad it's already small for her)
My "Certified Hunk" son, wearing his daddy's carter's pasalubong short and shirt
"Mommy Big Elmo bite me"
The Twins, Daddy and Khloe
My Little Kloi Kloi
We just bought few merchandise at Duty Free because i find it more expensive than the prices offered at supermarkets. We just bought the classic Frito Lay Snack Pack, 1 case of Kimi's Cheeze Curls, A pack of Hershey's miniatures  and cookies & marie for Khloe. 

For more info about Duty Free visit

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