Thursday, May 26, 2011

Walking Down Memory Lane

I was scanning my laptop for some files and suddenly run through some old pictures with my bros and sis. When we're still young we are the typical siblings who always fight. But now we make sure to protect, help and take care of each other.

The old photos was so funny...not only that i look like an ugly duckling but also because our fashion was so "baduy" and our hair was so out-of-this-world.

Here are the old photos that I've found....
(sorry guys for posting our Regal Shocker Horror Shots...)
me wearing an oversize blue shirt, loose pants and classic blue sneakers
posing ala Robin Padilla
(1994) Yes...that's really me in the middle..who would have thought that i look like a T-Bird (tomboy) before...
(1992) during my youngest bro 7th birthday ugly duckling i was...tsk tsk
wahhhhh....Aling Dionisia is that you?
I'm the one wearing the green gown...ewww i look stupid
so sweet
"that tweety doll is my bros favorite, he never allowed us to wash or clean it  which results to it's awful look and smell...poor tweety..."
Taken in Laguna, what a silly face....
well, i always love to goof around 
and now this is us...
still goofing around
Bernadette Gonzales Reyes: The clown and entertainer
Christian Gonzales: The biggest one yet the most cry baby
Cheryll Gonzales Cenedoza: The serious and disciplinarian
Brianper Gonzales: The moody one
Now we all have our own life and family. 
I'm so thankful because our bond never changes 
and I feel so blessed to have them in my life.
Love you all so much

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