Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hubby's Las Vegas Trip

Last Tuesday (18th of May 2011), Hubby left for a week tour at Las Vegas. As usual i cannot join him, because someone has to take over of our little kids and i cant resist a week away from my children. But hubby really deserves to have some leisure, rest and time for himself once in a while, because he really works so hard to provide all our needs even our wants. 

Today (24th of May 2011) hubby arrived at about 5:30 am and i super missed him. Even my kids knew that he was coming because they were already awake at 4:00 am (excited as mom).

Here are some of Hubby's photos on his Las Vegas Trip...

Hubby in his room @ Monte Carlo Hotel
Hubby @ Nevada
Hubby @ Hoover Dam
Hubby @ London Bridge
Grand Canyon
Hubby's Grand Canyon Trip
Even America has Beggars
Hubby with Antonio Margarito @ Las Vegas Casino
Hubby stayed at  Monte Carlo Hotel
nice car...is that your pasalubong to me?
Posing @ Monte Carlo
Getting ready to go back to Pinas
Hubby @ MGM
Hubby with Las Vegas Background
Hubby enjoyed the trip but says it's more fun and fulfilling if we all come together...
maybe next time when the kids is old enough to travel.
I'm so happy to see hubby again...

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