Monday, May 23, 2011

One Sunday with my Kids

It's Sunday Family Day again and we're missing hubby/daddy so much. With no hubby around to drive us, i called ma n pa to fetch us and join us for a mall stroll and playtime with Kimi. I decided to left Khloe and Kimi's Yaya at home to have more bonding time with my son Kimi. 

Before leaving, i took some shot of my baby girl Khloe. The pictures was so cute..a real photocopy of her daddy...that's how much I love my hubby...

ohhh...she's such an angel...I Love her so much.

After a photo bonding with my KloiKloi we immediately went to SM Southmall. Greenwich was our 1st stop for our late lunch and ordered their 18" Cheesy Bacon Burger with Bottomless Cola. 

I like the new Greenwich Bottomless Drinks Dispenser
our 18" Cheesy Bacon Burger...yummy
I 1st assisted my son in eating his pizza, then when its my turn to eat...
he pulled me and said
"Mommy busog ka na! wag ka na eat!"
I just ate 2 slices, while my son Kimi finished 3 slices and still asking for more
Then went to Dave's Fun House for Kimi's weekend Playtime and exercise. It's more cheaper to play here compared to MOA's Cosmic Kidz. Dave's Fun House only costs me less than Php 200 for 1 hour play including the socks and a guardian compared to Php 400 1 hour play time at Cosmic Kidz. 
Kimi enjoying the ball pool @ Dave's Fun House
I love this wooden kitchen.
I'm planning to have one of this for Khloe in  her future play room.
Food Toy Replica @ Chubbee Fast Food
"Kimi as the cashier and me as the customer"
related blog for Dave's Fun House

The very tired Master Kimi
It was a very fun day for a mother and son bonding...
looking forward for another great day with my Master Kimi
Love You So Much my Master

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